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Nicole’s Nook: Finding the Best Apps for Your Child

Finding the right app can be like finding that needle in the haystack. To date, there are thousands upon thousands out there, and the list continues to grow. A few things to keep in mind while searching for apps include:

  • While many free apps are worthy, don’t limit your search to free apps only. Some of the best apps out there are paid apps.
  • Many apps are meant to work together so you might need to purchase two apps for one goal. For example the Camera is used with JotNot Scanner Pro to scan a worksheet, which then works with iAnnotate to mark up and complete the worksheet, which then works with Dropbox/Email.
  • Choose apps that make it easy for your to share created content either through email, Dropbox or some other means.
  • Read the reviews and ratings in the App Store and/or do a web search to get more information on the app.
  • When possible, try the lite or free version of an app before purchasing the full version.
  • Don’t forget to consider if you need to create an account to use a particular app and if creating an account is worthwhile to you.

In addition, there are many useful blogs and websites that can help keep you updated as well as guide you in your search of apps. Some of my favorites are:

Of course, the best way to learn about apps specifically for children with NF1 is to visit App Recommendations on the Washington University NF Center website. Our comprehensive suite of apps is broken down by subject matter as well as age for your convenience.
Please also remember to stay tuned to the Washington University NF Center Facebook Page where we will provide regular iPad and app updates.
Nicole Weckherlin, OTR/L