Extending Patient Care Beyond the Clinic Walls

We offer three therapy programs and a summer camp that are designed to address the myriad of developmental and behavioral issues that affect children with NF1. These therapy programs are offered at no charge to families due to the generosity of the Doris and Donald Schnuck Fund for Children in Need and the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation. For more information, please contact NFCenterEvents@wustl.edu.

Music Heals

Music Heals is jazz music-motor therapy program for children, ages 2-5. In collaboration with Jazz St. Louis and Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital, children of all abilities and diagnoses can work on developmental skills, such as attention, sensory processing, and motor control. Sessions are five weeks long and are hosted at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital.

Club NF

Utilizing a number of organized play-based group events, Club NF offers structured physical and occupational therapy to target motor, behavioral, sensory processing, and social impairments seen in school-aged children with NF1. Club NF engages children in a wide variety of activities, ranging from cooking and gardening to ice skating and indoor surfing.

Totally TEEN

Specifically created to improve conversational skills and help teenagers with NF1 prepare for adulthood, Totally TEEN aims to provide teenagers with the necessary tools to maintain healthy and successful relationships and improve independence in everyday tasks. Some topics we address include meal preparation, entering and exiting a conversation, money management, college preparation, and handling embarrassing feedback and bullying.

Camp NF

Through outstanding community partners, like Acorn Children’s Therapy and The Song Society, children with NF1 in grades K-8 have the opportunity to work on various developmental skills in a fun and interactive environment over the summer. Hosted at a pediatric outpatient therapy clinic, occupational and physical therapists affiliated with the NF Center, as well as music therapists with The Song Society, incorporate sensory swings, musical instruments, obstacle courses, motor activities, and social games, to ensure children have an incredible camp experience, while also learning.