The Washington University NF Center is here to support you. From educational brochures to a monthly therapy blog filled with occupational and physical therapy tips, we strive to provide current resources to help our patients achieve their goals.

Check out our resources below:

Therapy Vault Blog

Check out our monthly blog posts, written by our occupational and physical therapists, where we address a variety of topics that support children with NF achieve the best version of themselves.

Developmental Checklist

Many children with NF1 will experience developmental delays throughout the course of their lives. The best way to keep children on the track to success is early detection and treatment of these delays.

Please download our checklist below to track each developmental milestone your child reaches. If your child does not reach a milestone by the expected age, please let us know so that we can implement an appropriate care plan to help your child succeed.

Educational Brochures

Additional Web Resources

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