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Nicole’s Nook: Enabling Restrictions on Your iPad

The iPad is known for providing both entertainment and productivity to adults and children alike. We encourage children with NF1 to use the iPad in academic environments to increase productivity; however, children may have difficulty using the iPad responsibly when entertainment is such an easy temptation.
Luckily, there are many built-in features on the iPad that an adult can enable or disable in order to help children stay on task. The restriction settings on your iPad can act as an automatic supervisor, even if you can’t be present.
Enabling General Restrictions

  • Go to settings > general > restrictions
  • Set a 4 digit restrictions passcode (it is recommended that this is different from your general passcode to get into your device OR your guided access passcode).*
  • On the restrictions page you can set privacy settings, allow changes, and manage the Game Center.

Decreasing Potential Distractions

  • Pick and choose what you would like to have on your iPad. For example, you can remove Safari if your child is distracted by surfing the internet.
  • Restrict installation or deletion of apps so that you can choose which apps are downloaded to the iPad as well as when they are downloaded or removed.
  • Block explicit music, music videos, podcasts or iTunes U media.
  • Set the ratings of allowed movies, TV shows or apps.  You can also restrict all movies, TV shows and unwanted apps if you desire
  • Restrict the types of websites that are allowed.

*When setting your general restrictions password it is important to select immediately. When you make this selection, the iPad will require a password for every transaction including in-app purchases. This will keep you from experiencing excessive iTunes’ charges. Another way to avoid unexpected charges is to remove the credit card from your account and only use iTunes gift cards.
Take a close look at your restrictions and make sure you have controls in place to enable your child to use their iPad in a safe, responsible and productive way!
Nicole Weckherlin, OTR/L