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Nicole’s Nook: Back to School Apps

As summer is winding down and school is right around the corner, some great educational (and fun) apps include those that target fine motor, visual motor and visual perceptual skills. The apps included below target development of skills which play a significant role in academics, so here’s your chance to get a head start for school!
Fine Motor Skills Apps

  • Dexteria Dots, $1.99
  • Dexteria, $3.99
  • Dexteria Jr., $3.99
  • Bugs and Buttons, $2.99
  • Bugs and Bubbles, $2.99
  • Bugs and Numbers, $2.99
  • Learning to Draw is Fun Lite, Free
  • Kids Doodle, Free
  • Neon Mania, Free
  • ABC Easy Writer Combo HD Lite, Free
  • Abby Pal Tracer, Free
  • Handwriting Without Tears: Wet, Dry, Try; $6.99

Visual Perceptual Apps

  • Little Things, $2.99
  • Doodle Find, Free
  • Rush Hour, Free
  • Unblock Me, Free
  • Monster Hunt, Free
  • Find It: Look and Find Hidden Objects for Toys, Free
  • Find-It, Free
  • What’s the Difference, Free
  • Sam Phibian, Free
  • Puzzle Planet, Free
  • Mouse Maze, Free
  • Crazy Feet, Free
  • Shelby’s Quest, $4.99
  • iMazing, Free
  • Crazy Valet, Free
  • Animal Hide and Seek, Free
  • P.O.V. Spatial Reasoning Game, $3.99
  • Alien Buddies, $2.99
  • Abby Monkey Animated Puzzle, Free
  • Find 50, Free
  • Gofun, Free

Also check out our extensive list of other apps which focus on organization and behavior, classroom productivity, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills and academics!
Nicole Weckherlin, OTR/L