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Club NF Cooks
On Saturday, February 27, from 9:30 a.m. – noon, Club NF is heading into the kitchen at Schnucks Cooks Cooking School in Des Peres, MO. Children will work on a variety of fine motor and social skills in the kitchen while Courtney Metzinger, OTD, MFA, OTR/L will give a one hour talk to parents about encouraging executive function and self-management skill development in children with NF1. There are only a few spots remaining for this popular event, so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so soon!
Cooking is an important life skill that children can begin to work on at various stages during childhood. In the earlier years, skills worked on can include measuring spices from a jar and pouring a cup of milk into a bowl. Eventually, skill level can increase to chopping and stove top food preparation. While having fun, children will begin to feel like they are contributing to a family meal. By working in groups, children are confronted with social situations that must be mastered by adulthood; taking turns, sharing, communicating, and planning and executive functioning skills. These skills will also help children develop other important skills such as tying their shoes (fine motor), planning and completing a school project (executive function) and communicating with peers and adults (speech and social skills).
For more information about Club NF events or to register for this upcoming event, please contact Kirsten Brouillet at
Club NF is the Washington University NF Center’s free, play-based therapy program for school-aged children (K – 8th grade) with NF1 and their families. St. Louis Children’s Hospital therapists work directly with the children in small groups to accomplish a variety of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy goals in a real life, social setting. By strengthening underdeveloped skills alongside siblings and peers, these children are set up for future success in the home, classroom and community. The events are held six Saturday mornings a year at various locations and businesses in the St. Louis area, offering a variety of activities throughout the calendar year to meet the needs of all of our families. Made possible by generous funding from the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation, Club NF is a hallmark of the NF Center complementary care programs.