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Spring has Sprung!: Therapy Activities for Spring

Today is the first day of Spring! Celebrate by getting outside and playing together. Here are some great Springtime activities that can help your child work on skills often delayed in children with NF1.

Play with balls

Catching, batting, throwing a ball into a basket, bouncing a ball–anything you can think of! All are great ways to develop coordination.

Jump rope

Jump on your own or jump as a team. Either way you’re building up endurance and visual motor skills.


Plant flowers or maybe even vegetables! Children are much more likely to eat healthy foods if they plant them and watch them grow.


Explore nature while strengthening your muscles and motor control.

Play with chalk

Draw a picture or practice letters. Either way is a fun, colorful chance to develop grasp and writing skills.
What other plans do you have for this Spring? Getting outside and being active are the main goals so whatever you choose, make sure to have fun!