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Nicole’s Nook: ModMath Upgrade Highlights

In a previous post, I discussed one of my favorite apps, ModMath, and how it can be a useful tool in helping with organization, legibility and sequencing. Since then, it has made some notable changes and upgrades, particularly within its paid version ($4.99).
Some key highlights of ModMath include:

  • Completing math problems on virtual graph paper
  • Good for visual organization and legibility
  • Allows right to left movement
  • Beneficial for “showing work,” provides the ability to import image attach to classwork or homework (Pro version, paid)

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– Nicole Weckherlin, OTR/L, St. Louis Children’s Hospital Occupational Therapist

  • Select the + icon in the upper middle of screen to start a new document
  • Name the document (dates are preferable)
  • Tap anywhere on the grid to begin
    • Type the math problem or equation using the on-screen keyboard
      • Keys with additional annotation options will appear with a dot in the lower left corner. Holding that key down will prompt additional options to appear. Selecting from one of those options will change on the key, as well as appear on the grid.
      • The cursor will move left to right; however, this can be overridden by tapping anywhere on the grid at any time.
      • A horizontal line for equations can be created by selecting the following icon: •−• (Tap on one of the dots to extend the horizontal line either to the right or to the left.) 
  • To expand the keyboard for additional symbols, select the arrow in the upper left corner.
  • Move the keyboard anywhere on the screen by selecting the three lines in the center of the on-screen keyboard.
  • The vertical toolbar provides the following additional features:
    • Free version
      • Multiple Page Tool: create multiple pages within the same file
      • Color Swatch Tool: changes the colors of the background grid and fonts
        • Providing contrast can capture and sustain attention, and make information more stimulating.
      • Pro version (paid)
        • Note Tool: insert captions/notes next to the work
        • Import Image Tool: either by taking a photo or accessing the camera roll
          • This is particularly useful in taking a picture of a math worksheet, eliminating the need for the student to shift focus back and forth. Additionally, you can crop the worksheet and just import one problem or section at a time.
        • Once completed, you can share your work by selecting the export icon tool, at the bottom of the vertical toolbar.
          • Options include: exporting to other apps (i.e., Google Drive, Dropbox), emailing it as a PDF or printing