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HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Help Your Child Develop Skills Delayed in Children with NF1

Help your child start off the New Year right with a resolution to get active this year. The Washington University NF Center promotes play-based therapy for children with NF1, and it’s easy to integrate this philosophy into your everyday life.
Play-based therapy is all about using play to work on skills that are sometimes delayed in children with NF1. By having your child try out new activities like skating or painting you are actually giving your child the opportunity to work on developing important skills such as gross motor or fine motor skills.
new year 3To make your resolution:

  1. Have your child choose some new activities that he or she might be interested in trying
  2. Set a realistic schedule for your family to engage in these activities
  3. Have your child write his or her goals on colored paper so he or she remembers what to work toward
  4. Get active! Practicing is the best way to get good at something. Remember, it may take a child with NF1 longer to master some skills, like riding a bike, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. Children learn at their own pace. Be supportive and remember to let your child take breaks if he or she is feeling frustrated.
  5. Celebrate victories. As your child achieves his or her goals, remember to celebrate and then take on new challenges!