/ Club NF Ice Skates!

Club NF Ice Skates!

December 3, 2016
9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Steinberg Ice Rink, Forest Park

Join us on Saturday, December 3rd, at the Steinberg Ice Rink for a morning of ice
skating and family fun! The activities will target and promote development of the
following skills often delayed in children with NF1:

  • Gross Motor Skills: Skating uses the large muscles used for a variety of gross
    motor activities including running, jumping and playing sports. Ice skating offers
    a way to work on coordination, strength and balance.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Preparing to ice skate requires many fine motor skills
    including zipping jackets, tying skates and putting on gloves. These tasks can
    be challenging, but when performed in a relaxed environment with support
    from an occupational therapist, they can be practiced with a smile.
  • Social Skills: Meeting new friends, initiating conversations and ordering snacks
    all require social skills. These skills are learned through practice and at this event
    your child will have plenty of opportunities to try out different approaches to
    greetings, small talk and conversing with adults.

Attend this event to enjoy the benefits of learning a new skill and strengthening current skills, all while interacting with family and friends.

Children will need to wear a helmet when skating. This is an outdoor event so please dress appropriately for the weather including gloves. Parents will sign a waiver at the event in order for their child/children to participate.

View the event flyer for additional event details.


Club NF is a FREE program that gives school-aged children (grades K – 8) with NF1 the opportunity to experience therapeutic activities within the community setting. The programs are designed by occupational, physical and/or speech therapists from St. Louis Children’s Hospital to challenge and strengthen all areas of development. Parents and siblings are welcome to attend.The Washington University NF Center thanks the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation for making this program possible.