New Cell of Origin for Optic Gliomas Identified

Children with Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) are prone to the development of low-grade brain tumors affecting the nerve carrying vision to the brain, called the optic nerve. Where these tumors come from has been a matter of scientific debate. Using new genetic modeling strategies, recent studies indicate that optic gliomas can arise from two different […]

Nicole’s Nook: Creating books with the Book Creator App

Reading on a device can be much more appealing to some students. It can engage them and motivate them in ways that traditional books do not. In addition, it can provide accessibility features that promote comprehension, processing and independence. Book Creator is an app that allows you to create a variety of robust reading materials. […]

Genetic Cause for Neurofibromas Discovered

While virtually all adults with Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) develop benign tumors associated with nerves, called neurofibromas, these tumors can also arise in people without NF1 (termed sporadic neurofibromas). In individuals with NF1, neurofibromas are caused by mutations in the NF1 gene; however, the genetic cause for sporadic tumors was previously unknown. Corina Anastasaki, PhD, […]

NF Center Faculty Awarded Prestigious Francis S. Collins Scholars Award

Angela C. Hirbe, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Division of Medical Oncology at Washington University, was recently selected as a 2017 recipient of the Francis S. Collins Scholars Award in Neurofibromatosis Clinical and Translational Research. The Francis S. Collins Scholars Program in Neurofibromatosis Clinical and Translational Research was established to build a community of […]

SLCH Radio Rounds Podcast with Dr. David Gutmann

This article was originally published on the SLCH Radio Rounds website in June 2017. The Neurofibromatosis Comprehensive Care Team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital provides detailed patient assessments and works with referring physicians, allied health professionals and agencies to deliver state-of-the-art medical services both locally and nationally. Neurofibromatosis affects different people in different ways. As […]