Dr. Matthew Stroh Joins the Gutmann Laboratory

We would like to welcome Dr. Matthew Stroh to the Gutmann Laboratory. After graduating with honors with a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC), Dr. Stroh joined the laboratory as postdoctoral research fellow. His work is primarily focused on understanding how growth is controlled in brain cells relative to other tissues, and he is particularly interested in determining how cells differentially use a limited number of critical signaling molecules to create a high degree of functional diversity.

Nicole’s Nook: Taking Notes & Recording With AudioNote

Taking notes in class can be challenging and frustrating for many students with NF1 who may have diminished fine motor skills and struggle with learning and attention deficits. In this month’s Nicole’s Nook, Nicole Weckherlin, St. Louis Children’s Hospital Occupational Therapist, discusses how to use AudioNote, an app used to record lectures, and take handwritten notes.

Female Hormones Increase Risk of Vision Loss in NF1

Recent NF Center research has revealed that female sex hormones are the underlying reason why girls with NF1 who have an optic pathway glioma are much more likely to lose their vision than boys. Understanding why boys and girls with mutations in the same gene have different outcomes presents unprecedented opportunities to fix the problem.

Message From the Director

In this message from the director, Dr. David H. Gutmann recaps the many new developments from our twelfth year as a multi-disciplinary clinical care and research enterprise. From welcoming new faculty and staff, to outlining research progress, he reviews the NF Center’s highlights from 2016 and looks forward to a productive year ahead.