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Nicole’s Nook: Taking Notes & Recording With AudioNote

Taking notes in class can be challenging and frustrating for many students, especially those with NF1 who may have diminished fine motor skills and struggle with learning and attention deficits. Often times, they are more focused on the motor of writing and typing, versus listening to the content of the material being presented. For some students, they may even rely on another peer, or adult, to take notes for them.
AudioNote (by Luminant Software, Inc.), an app available in both the App Store and Google Play Store, can be used to record lectures, while also taking notes. The lite version is free, but limits each note to 10 minutes and only allows 2 hours of total recorded time. Upgrading to the full version (App Store: $9.99/Google Play Store: $5.99), will allow unlimited recording and sharing options.
During lectures, students can take notes, draw pictures, or insert photos all within the AudioNote app. Each note entry is time stamped for easy locating and playback of specific portions of the lecture. One helpful tip to prevent taking lengthy notes and missing important parts of a lecture is to simply mark an “X”  with a keyword to create a time stamp for future repeat listening and note taking. During playback of the lecture, the notes and drawings associated with each section of the recording are highlighted.
Students can also import PDF notes or outlines into AudioNote, and take notes directly on the PDF while listening to the lecture. This helps students keep all of their notes organized, while also enabling them to keep up during class lectures. Additionally, AudioNote features an audio amplifier for larger conference rooms, so students can utilize the app in all types of classroom environments.
Try the lite version today, and help your child increase his/her productivity and academic independence!
– Nicole Weckherlin, OTR/L, St. Louis Children’s Hospital Occupational Therapist