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The NF1 Genome Project Reaches 400 Participants

NF 1 Genome Project- Washington University Neurofibromatosis Center/ St. Louis Children's Hospital- NF DNA Bank- NFIn late December 2010, the Washington University NF Center established the NF1 Genome Project (NF1GP). Now, three years later, the NF1GP has over 400 participants. The Washington University NF Center extends its gratitude to the individuals with NF1 who have donated their DNA to this initiative. These samples will allow Washington University NF Center investigators to determine how changes in the DNA of people with NF1 predispose affected individuals to specific medical problems.
Although the NF1GP has reached a significant benchmark in its history, it is still vitally important for those with NF1 to continue to provide DNA samples to this project. We have set a goal of 1,000 specimens over the next several years.
With exciting advances in the field of genomic science, now is the time to work together–researchers, clinicians and families alike–to find the best possible treatments for people with NF1.