Teen NF is Going Virtual for Fall 2020!

The Washington University NF Center is excited to announce our Teen NF, Fall 2020, Session will be going virtual! Since Covid-19 tabled our Spring 2020 Session, we have focused our energy on adapting our current program into a rewarding virtual format. Instead of our usual in-person meetings, this new format will use Zoom, a virtual conference call program, to provide shorter, and more frequent, sessions. Regardless of the meeting style change, our objective is to maintain the integrity of our session goals by continuing to provide social/life skill instruction, incorporating real-time practice/leadership opportunities, and concluding with fun, inclusive games.
To participate in our Teen NF, Fall 2020, Session, please follow the link below and fill out the schedule survey, and click the RSVP button to send an email RSVP to our NF Center Coordinator. On Aug. 31, we will choose one of the three schedules that fit the majority of the families, and send the final email invitation.

“Our ultimate goal is to continue all of our Complementary Care Programs in a safe and successful manner, during these uncertain times. Through these virtual adaptations we will focus on fully supporting our therapy goals, while continuing to build our NF community connections and forge a strong network of family support.”

– Jennifer Traber, NF Center Coordinator

There are a few supplies needed to attend the Teen NF meetings:
– Internet connection
– Laptop with video capabilities, or smart phone with a camera
If you do not have access to these supplies, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Traber: jtraber@wustl.edu or 314-362-1244.