Nicole’s Nook: SuperKeys App

Keyboarding is meant to be a quicker, more functional option for students, especially those who struggle with handwriting. Utilizing features such as word prediction and shortcuts can significantly reduce keystrokes, thus increasing productivity as well as overall functional academic independence. However for some, the online keyboard or even a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, may be too small to access efficiently. Fine motor skills may be challenged by the size of the icons.
Using a third party keyboard, such as SuperKeys, provides a more accessible option for typing on the iPad. It is an iOS app available in the App Store for $12.99, offering a larger keyboard, making it visually more accessible. A unique feature of this app takes the traditional 30 icons on the keyboard and puts them into 7 large cluster keys. Tap the cluster that contains the letter you want and then it enlarges that cluster.  You can then select your letter, but it is now much larger in size and view.
In addition, it has an extensive word prediction feature that displays predicted words as enlarged buttons, as well.  One-touch, customized shortcuts, can be created with phrases or full names to help reduce keystrokes.
Once you download the app from the App Store, go to SETTINGS, then KEYBOARD,  KEYBOARDS, ADD NEW KEYBOARD, and select SUPERKEYS from the list of Third Party Keyboards. When the keyboard comes up, tap the GLOBE icon to change keyboards.
To create Shortcuts, go to SETTINGS, GENERAL, KEYBOARD, TEXT REPLACEMENT, TAP + to add a new phrase or swipe left to delete one.
In the SuperKeys app itself, you can change the colors of the keyboard display to assist with vision.
This app provides many options for making keyboarding and typing a more functional mode for many students and users!
Nicole Weckherlin, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Team NF