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NF Center Trainee Awarded Two Fellowship Grants

Nicole M. Brossier, MD, PhD

Nicole M. Brossier, MD, PhD, a postdoctoral research fellow in the laboratory of Dr. David Gutmann at Washington University, was recently awarded research fellowship grants from both Hyundai Hope on Wheels and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to continue her exciting work on the origins of pediatric brain tumors.
Dr. Brossier is completing her pediatric hematology/oncology training, with a focus on the care of children with brain and nerve tumors. In the laboratory, she is working to determine which cells in the developing brain give rise to low-grade brain tumors, called gliomas. Understanding the origins of pediatric brain tumors may help define the factors that predispose children to these cancers.
These new grants will allow Dr. Brossier to continue these important studies, as she transitions to her own independent laboratory. We extend our congratulations!