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New Therapy Identified for MPNST in NF1

One of the most aggressive tumors in people with NF1 is the malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST). A recent team science study led by Christine Pratilas MD at Johns Hopkins University, David Largaespada PhD and David Wood PhD at University of Minnesota, Sara Gosline PhD at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Angela Hirbe, MD, PhD at Washington University and colleagues found that a combination of novel therapies might improve outcomes. Leveraging recent discoveries by Dr. Pratilas that SHP2 inhibition was effective at controlling tumor growth, this new study combines CDK4/6 blockade with SHP2 targeting to reveal greater growth suppression and more long-lasting effects.

These exciting observations support the use of this combination therapy for people with NF1 and MPNST and the team is working to move this combination forward into clinical trials.

This work was published in Science Advances. Click here to read the full article.