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Beat NF Testimonial

Jazz STL

The Washington University NF Center, in collaboration with Jazz St. Louis, is proud to host Beat NF, a toddler and caretaker jazz music-motor therapy program.

 Jazz music therapy

Beat NF is designed to give toddlers the tools they need to succeed. Our St. Louis Children’s Hospital therapists interact directly with toddlers and caretakers to work on skills often delayed in toddlers with NF1 through the power of jazz music.

Skills addressed at Beat NF

Each session of Beat NF is led by a class facilitator, St. Louis Children’s Hospital physical therapist, pianist and guest musician. Activities include singing, dancing, completing gross motor activities and playing instruments, allowing toddlers to:

  • Improve social skills by singing together, learning to greet adults and peers, and identifying appropriate group behavior
  • Work on attention skills by following the directions of the group facilitator and through group music creation
  • Practice motor skills using dance and play, and through completion of specific gross motor activities assigned by a St. Louis Children’s Hospital physical therapist

Parent/caretaker participation

Caretaker participation is an integral part of each session and is key to the development of positive and lasting growth for toddlers with NF1

Beat NF highlights

Event location

Beat NF sessions are held at:

Harold & Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz
3536 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Harold & Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz

Harold & Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz

We thank the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation, Jazz St. Louis and the Saigh Foundation for their generous support of this program.