Dr. Morris Named Section Head of Pediatric General Neurology

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Stephanie M. Morris has been named Section Head of Pediatric General Neurology at the Washington University School of Medicine. In her newly appointed position, Dr. Morris will oversee clinical operations for pediatric general neurology. During the past several years, she has been caring for children and young adults with NF as co-Director of the NF Clinical Program at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and has extended her practice into the pediatric general neurology field with her Autism Clinic and as Director of the Fragile X Clinical Program.
Dr. Morris received her pediatric neurology training at Washington University, where she served as the administrative chief resident. Following her residency, she was a clinical research fellow working with Dr. John Constantino (Chief, Child Psychiatry) and Dr. David H. Gutmann (Director, NF Center) to study autism and developmental disabilities in children with NF1.