Nicole’s Nook: Summer App Recommendations

The summer months are an excellent time for you and your children to enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, bike riding and camping. However, after a few weeks, when the novelty of being out of school has worn off, children can start to get restless. To assist you in your quest to keep your children busy in a productive manner this […]

New Study Reveals Insights into Autism Affecting Children with NF1

Over the past several years, it has become more widely recognized that children with NF1 have behaviors shared with individuals with autism. Recent work spearheaded by Dr. John Constantino in the Division of Child Psychiatry at Washington University has provided new information about the types of autism-like features seen in children with NF1. Examining over […]

Washington University NF Center Summer 2015 Newsletter

Check out the summer 2015 newsletter for some of our most popular research articles, recommendations to improve your child’s ability to participate in sports and other activities, details about upcoming events this summer and more! Some of the highlights in this issue include: Human Skin Cells Help Researchers Understand Learning Problems in NF1 Courtney’s Corner: Improving Strength […]

Courtney’s Corner: Focus on Core Strength to Increase Participation in Activities

Many of the parents I speak with at the NF Clinical Program report similar struggles, “Participating in sports is really difficult for my child; why can’t my child keep up?”  Unfortunately, this question is not easily answered. In the last Courtney’s Corner, I introduced trends we have seen in children with NF1, including decreased strength and […]