Nicole’s Nook: Reading Made Easier with Tablets

Reading on an iPad (or tablet), versus traditional paper or books, can be a much simpler and more enjoyable process for many people. Specifically, iPads have numerous features incorporated to assist those who experience visual, auditory and other processing issues while reading. Some of these assistive features include: VoiceOver: speaks items on screen, gesture-based screen […]

New Study Reveals Potential Link Between Parental Age and NF1

Dr. Kimberly Johnson and her colleagues at the Brown School of Social Work and the Washington University Neurofibromatosis Center recently reported a parental age effect for NF1. In their study, they found that children without a family history of NF1 tended to have parents who were older. Similar to other genetic conditions, this report reveals […]

Washington University NF Center Patient Attends Grand Rounds

David H. Gutmann, MD, PhD, Director of the Washington University Neurofibromatosis (NF) Center, presented at Neurology Grand Rounds last Friday. During his seminar, he outlined the barriers to the effective management of children with NF1-associated brain tumors. Dr. Gutmann also highlighted the exciting progress being made by his colleagues at the Washington University NF Center, […]

New Study Uncovers Potential Origin of Plexiform Neurofibromas in Mice

Understanding how plexiform neurofibromas form is an important step towards identifying new treatments for these common tumors in children and adults with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). Plexiform neurofibromas are benign tumors that arise from cells surrounding the developing nerve. A recent study spearheaded by Dr. Lu Le at the University of Texas- Southwestern revealed that these tumors […]

Courtney’s Corner: Staying Active This Winter

After the excitement of the holidays ends, the winter months can begin to feel somewhat daunting, especially in St. Louis, where the cold weather can last well into March. As my two children spend more time indoors, they become easily aggravated with each other – often fighting over nothing, and I find myself turning to […]