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Washington University NF Center Members Present at the 2019 Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) Symposium

Michelle Wegscheid, MD, PhD candidate

At the recent CTF symposium held in San Francisco, several members of the Washington University NF Center, presented their original research findings.  Michelle Wegscheid, a combined MD and PhD student, was selected for an oral poster presentation showcasing her work on human induced pluripotent stem cells, demonstrating that patient NF1 gene mutations have different consequences on mini-brain development. Dr. Nicole Brossier delivered a platform presentation on her studies focused on understanding the cells of origin of pediatric brain tumors in NF1. In addition, Dr. Corina Anastasaki presented a poster on the use of human induced pluripotent stem cells to understand the contribution of nerve cells to cutaneous (dermal) neurofibroma growth.

Dr. Nicole Brossier