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NF Center Researcher Reports Seizure Control in a Child with NF1

MEK inhibitors are one of the emerging treatments for brain tumors in children with NF1. These drugs turn off the activity of a growth control pathway increased in NF1-associated brain tumors (gliomas). Dr. Nicole Brossier, Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, and her colleagues were treating one such child with a growing optic pathway glioma, and found that the child’s seizures improved with Selumetinib (MEK inhibitor) in a dose-dependent manner. This striking observation suggests that seizures in children with NF1 might be response to this anti-tumor medication.

This study was published in Child’s Nervous System.

Cantor E, Meyer A, Morris SM, Weisenberg JLZ, Brossier NM. Dose-dependent seizure control with MEK inhibitor therapy for progressive glioma in a child with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Child’s Nervous System. 2022. PMID:35648241