Personalizing Treatments for NF1

Developing small-animal models to promote personalized medicine

An ongoing initiative in the Washington University NF Center is focused on developing preclinical models of brain tumors and attention deficits that incorporate the specific NF1 genetic mutations observed in people with NF1. These unique mouse and other animal strains will be employed to develop more individualized treatments for children and adults with NF1-associated clinical problems, including optic glioma.

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Individualizing therapies for NF1 malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNST)

MPNSTOne area of study is focused on identifying the genetic changes that predict malignant transformation and spread (metastasis) or MPNSTs using advanced genomic sequencing strategies. A second area of investigation aims to develop better small-animal models of MPNST development and metastasis to provide a platform to find better treatment strategies for these deadly cancers.

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