Complementary Care

At the Washington University NF Center we believe in the value of taking care beyond the walls of the clinic and have partnered with St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Jazz St. Louis to create complementary care programs for all age groups to address the ongoing needs of children with NF1.


Beat NF
Ages 2 – 5 years

Targeting toddlers and young children with NF1, this jazz music-motor therapy program employs a small group approach to address the social, motor and behavioral delays specific to each child. Capitalizing on the collaborative, interactive and improvisational spirit of jazz, each session is creatively designed to strengthen parent/child relationships and to foster positive peer interactions through interactive and cooperative motor play.

Club NF
Grades K – 8

Club NF is our play-based therapy program for children with NF1 and their families. During these free therapy events, St. Louis Children’s Hospital therapists work directly with each child to improve gross motor, fine motor, attention and social skills by engaging in fun activities like swimming, bowling and ice skating. These events also provide an opportunity for children to form friendships with other children with NF1.


Teen NF
Ages 13 – 18 years

Our program for teenagers with NF1 who struggle with fostering positive interpersonal relationships at home, at school and in the community. Focusing on common challenging social situations that teens encounter, the goal of this program is to further social and conversational skills, encourage appropriate selection of friends, learn to read social cues and enter/exit conversations with peers.

The Washington University NF Center thanks the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation, Jazz St. Louis and the Saigh Foundation for their generous support!