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Nicole’s Nook: Augmented Reality Apps

Some of the newest apps on the market are known as “Augmented Reality” apps. These apps provide a virtual layer that is superimposed upon the physical world to provide computer-generated sensory input. They employ sound, video, graphics and/or GPS data to create a terrific amount of new information for the user. As you can imagine, this takes learning to a whole new level, presenting educational material in an engaging, motivating and high-interest way. These apps also allow you to overlap ideas using text, websites, photos, audio and/or videos.
Many of the Augmented Reality apps require you to go to their affiliated website  and download their PDF documents first, which are typically free. Those PDFs are then utilized with the app itself, providing ‘targets’ that your device can detect.
Some great “Augmented Reality” apps include:

  • Aurasma (creates augmented reality)
  • Beacondo Viewer (test and preview content)
  • i-nigma (QR code reader)
  • colAR Mix (use with downloaded coloring pages)
  • Elements 4D (download PDF cubes of the periodic table)
  • Anatomy 4D (email/print/save target images to learn about the human body)
  • Augmented Reality Freedom Stories (print flashcards and learn about historical moments)
  • Spacecraft 3D (print targets and become robotic explorers in space)

Who said learning can’t be fun? Enjoy these free and motivating apps!
Nicole Weckherlin, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist