Patient Stories

NF Camp Provides Children and Teenagers with NF1 Chance to Make New Friends


Elana attended Camp New Friends in the summer of 2013.

Living with NF1 can be a challenge and sometimes can cause children and teenagers to feel isolated from their peers. Because NF1 is uncommon, children might feel like no one understands their experiences. Brainy Camp’s Camp New Friends offers children and teens with NF1 the opportunity to meet other individuals with NF1, giving them a support system they may otherwise lack.
Washington University NF Center teen, Elana Loftspring, attended Camp New Friends for the first time last year and had an extremely positive experience. Elana met people just like her who had to attend regular appointments and deal with different features of NF1 such as learning disabilities and brain tumors. For the first time, Elana felt like she had friends who really understood what she was going through.
Living with NF1 can be challenging, but with a strong support system children and teens with NF1 will feel less alone and better equipped to live with NF1. For more information about living with NF1 and dealing with feelings of isolation due to NF1, please read Living with NF1: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults.