Organization and Behavior Apps


 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free  Model Me Going Places 2  Visual teaching tool for behavior
 Free  iTouchiLearn Life Skills  Morning routines, sequences
 Free  iEarnedThat Lite  Turns desired reward into a puzzle
 1.99  First-Then Board  Clear expectations using visuals
 4.99  iReward  Star chart on token board

KDG – 3rd Grade

 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free  iRewardChart Lite  Weekly behavior chart
 Free  Pocket Picture Planner HD  Personalized visual calendar
 Free  Social Skill Builder  Social thinking, behavior, language
 0.99  iBehave Well  Monitor, track and share behavior data
 2.99  Picture Scheduler  Visual and auditory supports, tasks

4th Grade – 8th Grade

 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free  Coach My Video  Draw, mark-up and write notes on video
 Free  iStudiez Lite  Organize schedules, homework, etc.
 Free  inClass  Organize schedules, share notes, etc.
 Free  Sticky Notes for iPad  Noteboard, voice dictation
 0.99  iHomework  Reminders, trackers, records grades

High school and College 

 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free  Awesome Calendar Lite  Calendar, lists, notes, weather
 Free  Schedule to Planner HD  Daily tasks organizer
 2.99  Toodledo-To Do List  Task and note manager
 2.99  Video Coach  Draw on video; video modeling
 2.99  Voice Reminders  Calendar reminders, no typing