Fine Motor Apps


 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free  abc PocketPhonics Lite  Letter sounds, writing
 1.99  ABC Tracer Free  Tracing of letters and numbers
 0.99  Picture Pusher  Fine motor movements
 0.99  iCanWrite  Tracing and writing
 1.99  Do As Me  Adult writes, child copies

KDG – 3rd Grade

 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free  ABC Phonics Animals  Tracing of lowercase letters
 Free  ABC Easy Writer Printing HD  Tracing of upper and lowercase
 Free  ABC Easy Writer Numbers  Tracing of numbers
 Free  ABC Tracing  Tracing of letters and words
 Free  iWrite Words Lite  Writing of letters and words

4th Grade – 8th Grade

 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free  ABC Easy Writer Combo HD  Tracing of numbers, print and cursive
 Free  ABC Easy Writer Cursive  Tracing of upper and lowercase
 Free  Learning to Draw is Fun Lite  Step by step drawing
 Free  Kids Doodle  Playback drawing in movie mode
 1.99  iLuv Drawing People  Tracing, coloring, drawing

High School and College

 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free  Zen Tap  Word prediction, spell check
 Free  TapTyping  Typing training, speed test
 Free  Fast Typer 2  Typing speed games
 0.99  Type Racer!  Typing training, game format
 4.99  Dexteria  Fine motor coordination