Classroom Productivity Apps

Great for ALL ages

 Cost  Title  Purpose/Skill
 Free/9.99  Audionote Lite/AudioNote  Record lectures or meetings, take notes or drawings,  create timestamps and syncs
 Free/34.99  Co:Writer Universal/Co:Writer  Creates documents, features word prediction, text to speech, topic dictionaries, print or share
 Free  Dropbox  File sharing, useful to turn work into teacher
 Free  Dragon Dictation  Speech to text; can email, copy, post text, etc.
 Free  Google Drive   File sharing, useful to turn work into teacher
 Free  Keynote  Create presentations and storyboards
 Free  iBooks  Read books, textbooks and PDF files stored locally
 Free  Pages  Create documents
 Free/4.99  ModMath  Type and solve math problems on virtual graph paper, can share or print
 Free  Quizlet  Study tool, create flashcards or choose from others
 Free/4.99  SnapType/SnapType Pro  Take photo of worksheets, annotate, then share or print
 1.39  Writepad  Converts handwriting to text
 1.99  myMemoir  Journaling, can import pictures
 2.99  Photosync  Transfer photos between devices
 4.99  Book Creator  Create interactive books, photo books, study guides, textbooks; works with iBooks
 4.99  iMovie  Use for presentations, social stories
 4.99  GarageBand  Create custom music or voice overs
 4.99  JotNot Scanner Pro  Scans worksheets, use with iAnnotate
 4.99  Spellboard  Quizzes for weekly spelling words
 6.99  Choiceworks  Provides visual scheduling, assists with emotions, waiting and transitions
 9.99  iAnnotate  Highlight, mark up, create text boxes on PDF
 9.99  Explain Everything  Presentations, use voice, save on camera roll
 9.99  Prizmo  Scans and uses OCR to read document via text to speech, can open in SnapType or iAnnotate to complete worksheet
 9.99  SpeakText To Me  Text to speech for documents, highlights text
 19.99  Abilipad  Custom keyboards and adaptive notepads, word prediction, text to speech