App Recommendations

kids-playing-with-ipadTechnology can be especially beneficial for children with NF1 who may struggle with fine motor, organizational and behavioral skills. St. Louis Children’s Hospital occupational therapist, Nicole Weckherlin, OTR/L, specializes in using technology to supplement traditional occupational therapy.

The following is a list of links to recommendations for apps which address specific developmental skills.*

Additional resources for recommendations

Aside from our app recommendations for children with NF1, the following sites are good resources for additional app information and recommendations.

Select app tutorials

Learn to use some of our recommended apps with the following brief app tutorials.

Jot Not Scanner Pro

Used in conjunction with iAnnotate, this app allows you to turn a child’s homework assignment into a fillable PDF so the child can type his or her assignment rather than handwriting the assignment. This app requires a camera. View a video on using Jot Not Scanner Pro and iAnnotate together.

Step 1: Take a picture of a child’s homework assignment/worksheet
Step 2: Press USE
Step 3: Drag corners so the whole worksheet is visible in the box
Step 4: Press PROCESS
Step 5: Select second icon on bottom (arrow in box)
Step 6: Press OPEN IN
Step 7: Press iANNOTATE PDF (this will prompt iAnnotate to open and you will see the document in it)


You can use iAnnotate to modify a document using the icons: highlighter, pencil, typewriter, etc. Sometimes the highlighter does not work on scanned items. It always works on emailed items.

To open an emailed document in iAnnotate:

Step 1: Click on the document to open
Step 2: Press the icon in the upper right corner (arrow in box). If the icon has disappeared, click anywhere on the document to make it reappear
Step 3: Press OPEN IN
Step 4: Press iANNOTATE PDF

Office 2 HD

This is Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

To open an emailed document in Office 2 HD:

Step 1: Click on the document to open
Step 2: Press the icon in the upper right corner (arrow in box)
Step 3: Press OPEN IN
Step 4: Press OFFICE 2 HD

SpeakText to Me

This app allows you to dictate text. It requires wi-fi.

To open and emailed document in SpeakText to Me:

Step 1: Click the document to open
Step 2: Press the icon in the upper right corner (arrow in box)
Step 3: Press OPEN IN

To begin dictation:

Step 1: Press SPEAK in upper right hand corner

iPad accessories

iPads are amazing tools to assist children with NF1 in overcoming academic, behavioral and fine motor challenges. Be sure to protect and make the most of your device with the following iPad accessories and protective cases.


  Cost   Manufacturer   Description
 29.95  Ekto2 Protective Cover Silicone, shock absorbing, durable
 35.00 Big Grips Multiple styles
 35.00 Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case Protects from chewing
 39.99 Gripcase Shockabsorbent foam
 50.00 Zoogue Leather
 55.99 Insipio Destroyer Hard shell with silicone core
 59.95 Gum Drop Drop tech design
 80.00 Otterbox Defender 3-layer protection
 99.99 ZAGGfolio Removable bluetooth and keyboard
 265.00 AMDi iAdapter Rubberized, handle, speakers


  Cost  Manufacturer  Description
 19.99 MountMe For car, leg or table
 49.00 Ablenet For leg or arm
 83.00 Modular Horse Loc-Line system with clamps
 89.00 Ablenet Table-top suction
 194.00 RJ Cooper Multiple arm options
 206.95 Enabling Devices Platform, arm and clamp
 350.00 Beyond Adaptive Cradle and releasing arm
Mount’n Mover Memory lock
Daessy Rolling floor mount
Daessy For desk


  Cost   Manufacturer   Description
 24.95 OmniScribe Stylus that is larger than most
 29.00 Apple Camera Connection Kit Import photos and videos
 29.00 RJ Cooper Hand Stylus Velcro straps
 29.99 MouthStick Stylus Stylus for mouth
 39.99 Merkury 360 Rotating Stand For desk or table
 69.00 Apple Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth
 159.00 Big Keys Keyboard Adaptive keyboard
 159.00 Levo Deluxe Holder Floor Stand Holds in multiple positions


*At this time, apps for NF1 are for Apple devices, however, those same apps may be available in the Android Store or other markets. The Washington University NF Center does not endorse any particular platform, but our therapists have the most experience with Apple products and apps. If you are looking for specific Android App recommendations, we suggest you try  this list of free Android apps for children with special needs.