Courtney’s Corner

Courtney Dunn is a physical therapist with over 25 years of experience in providing therapy services for children. She earned her Bachelor of Physical Therapy from the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1995 and her Doctorate of Pediatric Therapy in 2010. Courtney currently works at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where she is also part of the Washington University Neurofibromatosis (NF) Center multidisciplinary team. As an integral member of our NF care team, she provides essential therapy assessments and recommendations during outpatient clinic visits with Drs. Gutmann and Morris.

Courtney has provided therapy for children in a variety of settings, including inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, home health, early intervention, school settings, and in multidisciplinary clinics. Since joining the NF Center in 2010, she has spearheaded several clinical research studies relating to motor skills in children with NF1.

Courtney’s approach to PT involves treating the whole child: addressing sleep patterns, sensory modulation, strength, muscle balance, and coordination to support developing a healthy and active lifestyle. In this regard, Courtney has collaborated with members of the NF Center to create community-based complementary care programs. Beat NF, for preschool-aged children and Club NF, for school-age children, provide motor and social development through community partnerships throughout the St. Louis region.

When not working as a therapist, Courtney adores spending time with her two teenage children and traveling with her husband. Additionally, she enjoys crafts, running, and volunteering in her community.

Through Courtney’s Corner, she will be exploring a variety of topics that support children with NF achieve the best version of themselves.