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Courtney’s Corner: 31 Days of March Motor Madness!

It’s the time of year for March Motor Madness!
March is an exciting time at the Washington University NF Center. Each year we play March Motor Madness, a branch of NF physical fitness, with our children. Our game involves having our children complete daily activities that help develop skills that are often delayed in children with NF1. Each child who plays all 31 days of March Motor Madness receives a prize!
When you register, you will receive a PDF version of our bracket as well as weekly reminders about which March Motor Madness activities are up that week. With the reminders we’ll explain exactly which skills each activity is targeting so you can decide if it’s an activity you want to make a part of your daily routine.
Remember: This is a bracket so as you might expect the further into the month we go the more challenging the activities become. Don’t let your child become discouraged if he or she can’t complete the activities quickly. This is all about effort and working at getting better!
As you play along, please make sure to have your child mark off each activity he or she completes on his or her bracket. At the end of the month we will collect your bracket and send your child a prize.
Get exited and join us in helping children with NF1 develop important skills throughout the month of March!
Courtney Dunn, PT DPT