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Club NF Zoo Adventure!

On June 7, 2014, the Washington University NF Center in collaboration with the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation hosted our June 2014 Club NF Event! The program focused on sensory integration, gross motor skills and social skills.
Club NF met at the Saint Louis Zoo. The morning began with families meeting a professional zookeeper to learn about animals. Each child worked on sensory processing and integration as he or she touched different animals including a hedgehog, an owl and a turtle. Children learned about the appropriate ways to handle an animal as well as practiced being quite around animals with sensitive hearing.
After meeting with the animals, families teamed up to go on a scavenger hunt throughout the zoo. Children worked together to locate facts about different animals such as where a certain animal lives in the wild or what the average height of a specific animal is. Despite the sudden downpour, families had a great time walking through the park and learning together.

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