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Club NF Swims!

On August 2, 2014, the Washington University NF Center in collaboration with the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation hosted their August 2014 Club NF Event! The program focused on gross motor development and learning organizational skills.
Club NF met at the Des Peres Lodge. The morning began with the children working on motor skill development with physical therapist Courtney Dunn, PT DPT. The children had the opportunity to practice balancing and played many fun gym games including crab-walk soccer.
While the children played in the gym, parents met with Julie Hough, owner of the local company The Ordered Home, to discuss how to create an organized system for the new school year. Julie provided advice on topics such as how to handle incoming papers and assignments and how to get out the door each morning with less stress.
After Julie’s talk, families came back together to make responsibility charts. The goal of the charts is to provide children with a visual cue to remind them of what tasks they need to complete throughout the day. The charts can also help children view completing tasks in a positive light.
After the hard work of the morning, families headed to the pool to relax and play.

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