/ Club NF Yoga & Swimming

Club NF Yoga & Swimming

August 4, 2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Webster Groves Recreational Complex

The Washington University NF Center and St. Louis Children’s Hospital invite you to attend our upcoming Club NF event, a FREE therapy and educational program for children with NF1.

Join us on Saturday, August 4, at Webster Groves Recreation Complex,
for a morning of yoga and swimming. These activities will target and promote
development of the following skills often delayed in children with NF1:

  • Gross motor skills, including running, jumping and balancing to strengthen
    underdeveloped muscles and improve cardiovascular function
  • Executive function skills such as following multiple-step directions and
    planning projects correlate to finishing homework or school projects
  • Social skills enable your child to speak in a group, initiate conversation,
    make eye contact and maintain a conversation

Bring your swimming gear (including sunscreen and towels) as guests will be
provided with day passes to the pool at the Complex.

View the event flyer for additional event details.


Club NF is a FREE program that gives school-aged children (grades K – 8) with NF1 the opportunity to experience therapeutic activities within the community setting. The programs are designed by occupational, physical and/or speech therapists from St. Louis Children’s Hospital to challenge and strengthen all areas of development. Parents and siblings are welcome to attend.The Washington University NF Center thanks the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation for making this program possible.