Our mission is to provide exceptional care to individuals with neurofibromatosis (NF) through groundbreaking research.

We strive to change the standard of care for people with NF by seamlessly integrating research into our clinical practice.

Learn more about the NF Center’s mission in this video with director David H. Gutmann, MD, PhD:

In addition to providing excellent medical care, our team offers new treatments through the NF Clinical Trials Consortium.

We also provide innovative therapy programs and educational resources, such as

Moreover, our researchers are leveraging a variety of approaches to understand the cellular, molecular and genetic basis for challenges individuals with NF face, and we are actively translating these discoveries into better treatments for NF.

We envision a future for people with NF that is less uncertain. Currently, when people come to our NF Clinical Program seeking a diagnosis, we have no way of determining which aspects of NF they might develop throughout their lifetime.

Through our research, we seek to identify risk factors in individuals with NF1 that predispose them to specific medical and behavioral concerns. We believe that our findings will one day enable us to give our patients a clear understanding of how their NF will develop.