Patient Spotlight: Alexandra Schroeder

Alexandra’s introduction to the world of Neurofibromatosis began when she was only three years old. Unexplained spots and fevers would ultimately lead her family to seek the care of Dr. David Gutmann, at the Washington University NF Center. With an unrelenting optimism leading her to follow her dreams, read more about Alexandra’s path from diagnosis to adulthood.

Using Mathematics to Treat Brain Tumors

Nearly one in every five children with NF1 will develop a brain tumor involving the nerve that carries vision from the eye to the brain (optic nerve). When these tumors begin to affect vision, the decision to start chemotherapy is made. Unfortunately, despite treatment, many of these optic gliomas do not stop growing or vision […]

Patient Spotlight: Emily Medlock

Growing up with seven siblings, none of whom had NF1 was tough. You see, when I was an infant, I was diagnosed with NF1, a disease my mom knew nothing about. She learned quickly after our general doctor recommended us to Dr. Gutmann and Washington University who specializes in NF1. You can imagine how frightened […]